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Apparently she seemed genuinely hurt by his cheating.And how does the source explain all these convenient happy couple NYE photo ops of Tiffany and George? do what you gotta do but who knows if you didnt write that shit! and i really dont have a problem with him but my lawyer is on it i think the real tailormade did this for publicity!The breakup between George and Tiffany was actually fueled because of his new relationship and Ms.Tiffany actually had a semi-altercation via phone with Tyshianna.

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AND IF I WAS SO FAKE EXPLAIN WHY YBF HAVE NOT STOP ME FROM WRITING ABOUT MTO.. I HAVE A MAN SO I WISH YOU AND JANICE THE MUPPET ALL THE BEST!! Lol and I'm the Real Tailormade so i know the truth,and a picture will not define me because look at the junk that was already on here..OH SEE YOU TRIED TO TRICK ME I TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID ABOUT THE REAL TAILORMADE BECAUSE I JUST FOUND OUT THAT YOUR NOT THE REAL ONE YOUR TRYING TO GET SOME SHIT GOING!!! NO THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE SHOULD BE ROGAINE SWEETY!! Lol For all those who believe this junk Im sorry my heart belongs to two women my beautiful daughter and (tiff) New York.Hope to see you watching my show coming out soon, And Tyshianna Im pretty sure your a pretty girl in alot of people's minds but mine is not one of them, So get a life and move on. -TYSHIANNA [quote comment="25762"]I'm Far from fake I wish you would get a life, Stop trying to get over on someone elses riches.Lil mama need to get a life and stop believing whatever she hears. Ty is married, and never spoke to New york man a day in her life.If the story was so true, why aren't there any pictures of ty and that guy? Ty & I have been homegirls for years, she wouldn't lie to me and she wouldn't have called me if she was dating someone, just like she informed me of this bullshit story. People need to stop watching this stuff and demand better programming that uplifts the soul rather than degenerate it. As long as we continue to watch it will be more and more. Surreal Life, Strange Love, FOL1, FOL2 and now FOL3.

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