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“Neither of us were upset about it,” he said, “but we wouldn’t have [kissed] if there hadn’t been the expectation.” “Of course you can reject the invitation,” Fabello, via email, says of people who are put on the kiss cam.

“You’re creating a social situation in which there is an expectation to engage in touch—both suddenly and publicly,” says Melissa A.

He kept his eyes locked forward—away from the woman assumed to be his partner—and shook his head “no,” waiting for the camera to move on to some other pair.

Shprintzen thinks he apologized to the woman afterward, though he’s not sure why.

When we feel forced or cajoled into touch, even under the guise of harmless fun, it can make us feel uncomfortable.” It might be easy to write off this discomfort as fleeting and no big deal, but Fabello says that’s not always the case.

What might be a quickly forgotten embarrassing moment for one person can remind others of past trauma or otherwise add to a mounting social dynamic wherein one person’s comfort becomes less important than another’s enjoyment.

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