Friendster dating

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On the list were some notable also-rans, some forgotten also-rans, the now-second most successful social network, some blogging platforms, and a dating Web site.

Of course, you stay on top by neutralizing potential threats.In the summer of 2004, the Web site Friendster identified its top competition: tier one included the likes of My Space, Orkut, Multiply, Hi5, Tribe, Linked In, and Blogger.Tier 2 featured Tickle, Ryze, Classmates, Match, Xanga, and topping the list of second class social networks, a little-known company called Facebook."Facebook was on the radar as, 'Hey, there's this interesting social network with college kids that's doing well,'" said Dan Olsen, Friendster's senior director of product at the time.But other than that, it was too early to see the juggernaut Facebook would become.

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