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Join for free now to chat.", "MODELS_NOT_ALLOWED_CHAT" : "You are restricted from chatting with other models.", "VIEWER_MUTE_MEMBER" : " restricts chat to members with account balances only.", "VIEWER_INROOM" : "You are already chatting with the model in another window.", "VIEWER_BANNED_WORDS" : "Warning: Illegal Expression! ", "VIEWER_TOKEN_THRESHOLD" : "Only left to reach the goal. ", "VIEWER_TIP_WELCOME_GUEST" : "Join now for free to help me reach my tipping goals and see my sexy shows!", "VIEWER_TIP_WELCOME_MEMBER" : "Welcome to my chat room. ", "VIEWER_WELCOME_NUDE" : "Welcome to my Nude Chat room!Clicking your saved tip amount will give a tip instantly.", "GOT_IT" : "Got it!", "NO_THANKS" : "No thanks", "NO_THANKS_SUB" : "(Removes saved amount)", "DONT_SHOW_AGAIN" : "Do not show me this message again", "PARTY_TITLE" : " is currently in Party Chat.", "RATE_SHOW" : "Rate my show", "IDS_ENTERED_PARTY" : "You are in Party Chat now", "IDS_ENTERED_PRIVATE" : "You are in Private Chat now", "IDS_ENTERED_EXCLUSIVE" : "You are in Exclusive Chat now", "FAN_WHISPER_ONLY_JOIN_NOW" : " only whispers with fan club members. ", "COMMENT_SHOW" : "Comment on my show", "MUST_RATE_SHOW" : "You must rate the show in order to submit your comment.", "YOUR_COMMENT_WILL_BE_REVIEWED" : "Your comment will be reviewed within 24 hours.", "RATING_HAS_BEEN_SUBMITTED" : "Your rating has been submitted.", "VIEWER_TIP_COACHMARK" : "New!= true; self.gender_filter_cookie_name = 'webcam_gender_filter'; self.set_my_gender_cookie = function (gender) self.check_gender = function(); self.get_my_gender_cookie = function () self.debugg = 0; self.show_ts = 1; var cams = ; self.won_from_json = function (a) , 'o' : function (a, b) , 's' : function (a, b) , 'v' : function(a,b) , 'z' : function(a,b) , 'F' : function(a,b) , 'ppm' : function(a,b) , 'rsppm' : function(a,b) , 'psppm' : function(a,b) , 'h' : function(a,b) , 'G' : function(a,b) } self.dislike = function (a,e) var ref = ; for (var i in cat_counts) var myyank = yank(parent); for (var i in ref) myyank(); } } self.won_url = '/lvswon.cgi?Megacams allows you to find your type of sex cam model easily (and have live sex with her)!Update your Autoload preferences under Autoload in your Account Settings.If you want unused Autoload tokens credited back to your credit card, please contact Customer Service.", "IDS_SHOW_INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS" : "Your show has ended due to insufficient funds. ", "C2C_FUNDS" : "You do not have enough tokens in your wallet to continue your Cam2Cam session", "C2C_FUNDS_START" : "You do not have enough tokens in your wallet to start your Cam2Cam session", "TAB_CHAT" : "Chat", "TAB_MORE_MODELS" : "Similar Models", "CHAT_AREA_LARGER" : "Enlarge Chat Area", "CHAT_AREA_SMALLER" : "Shrink Chat Area", "CHAT_AREA_MOVE" : "Drag to Move Chat Area", "QUIET_CHAT_TITLE" : "You are chatting with (others hidden)", "WHISPER_CHAT_TITLE" : "You are whispering with ", "SUBMIT" : "Submit", "TEXT_GOAL" : "Goal:", "TIP_PRIVATELY" : "Tip privately: only will know you tipped and how much.", "TIP_MINIMUM" : "Minimum tip amount is tokens.", "TIP_AMT_WHOLE_NUMBER" : "Please use a whole number for custom tip amount.", "ADMIRER_CURRENT_RANK_AND_DISTANCE": "Your Current Admirer Rank: Give to become the Top Admirer", "ADMIRER_DISTANCE_TO_TOP" : "Give to become the Top Admirer", "ADMIRER_NUMBER_ONE_RANK" : "Your Current Admirer Rank:", "ADMIRER_GIFT_TAGLINE" : "Virtual Gifts given anonymously are not counted toward the Top Admirer Program.", "ADMIRER_TIP_TAGLINE" : "Tips given privately are not counted toward the Top Admirer Program.", "FREE" : "Free", "TOKENS" : "Tokens", "PURCHASE_TOKENS" : "Purchase Tokens", "ADD_FUNDS_TO_WALLET" : "Add funds to your wallet.", "COPY" : "Copy", "CONNEXION" : "Connexion", "ADD_TO_FAVOR" : "Add To Favorites", "FAVORED" : "Favored", "JOIN_FANCLUB" : "Join My Fanclub", "JOINED_FANCLUB" : "Joined Fanclub", "IN_FANCLUB" : "In Fanclub", "PREMIERE" : "Premiere", "JOIN_NOTIFY" : "Get Notified", "IN_NOTIFY" : "Model Added", "CONNEXION_SUBTITLE" : "To use Connexion, Start private Chat", "CONNEXION_LEGEND_TITLE" : "2 options to use Connexion (additional prices will apply)", "CONNEXION_ONEWAY" : "1-Way (/Minute)", "CONNEXION_TWOWAY" : "2-Way (/Minute)", "GET_CONNECTED" : "Get connected", "PRIVATE_BUTTON" : "Private Chat ( /Min )", "PRIVATE_BUTTON_TAGLINE" : "Intimate 1-on-1 between you and me", "EXCLUSIVE_BUTTON" : "Exclusive Chat ( /Min )", "EXCLUSIVE_BUTTON_TAGLINE" : "Exclusive 1-on-1, no voyeurs", "ONE_WAY_BUTTON" : "Start 1-Way (/Minute)*", "TWO_WAY_BUTTON" : "Start 2-Way (/Minute)*", "ONE_WAY_BUTTON_TAG" : "Control my toy and pleasure me", "TWO_WAY_BUTTON_TAG" : "Share my pleasure and sync toys together", "PRICE_TAGLINE" : "*in addition to Private Chat price.", "NEED_TOY" : "You do not have a toy connected to use 2-Way", "TOY_DISCONNECTED" : "Toy Disconnected", "REMAIN_PRIVATE" : "\'s toy has disconnected.

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", "VIEWER_SELECT" : "Select", "MODEL_PRIVATE_INVITE" : " invites you to private show", "GLOBAL_SHOW" : "Show", "GLOBAL_HIDE" : "Hide", "SHOW_CHAT" : "Show chat", "HIDE_CHAT" : "Hide chat", "CHAT_PLACEHOLDER" : "Type your message here...", "VIEWER_BUZZMODE_TOOLTIP" : "Pleasure the models by clicking on the live video to tip.

You can directly control the action through the model\'s toy as it responds to your tip sounds!

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