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One-third of the territory is forested, and one-third is more than 2,000 feet (600 meters) above sea level.

Major mountain ranges include Rila, Pirin, Balkan (Stara Planina), and Rhodope.

This makes discussion of historical trends difficult, and some people may have self-identified on the census differently than they might in other contexts. The national language is Bulgarian, a South Slavic language of the Indo-European language family, which uses the Cyrillic script.

This decline stems from out-migration and falling birthrates during the uncertain postsocialist period.It is bordered on the east by the Black Sea, on the north by Romania and the Danube River, on the south by Greece and Turkey, and on the west by Macedonia and Serbia.The landscape consists of mountains, foothills, and plains.During the state socialist period, the crown (a symbol of monarchy) was replaced by a star.After the fall of state socialism in 1989 the crown was replaced following a seven-year debate.

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