First few weeks of dating how often to call

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I am fairly new to dating after a divorce (yes, I’ve waited plenty of time to sort things out with my ex and adjusting to life as a single dad, etc.). I have had a fair amount of success in my career, have always maintained good social skills, and have enjoyed fostering great relationships of many kinds throughout my life (romantic, family, friendships, business, etc.).

It has been over 10 years since I have been dating, and that was in college so I know things are much different now.

that's fine when you're 20 or so, in my mid-thirties, it just seems very unnecessary ...

there'll be plenty of time for that sort of thing later, right? I did follow up with a text message the next day, just letting her know how much I enjoyed the evening and that I was looking forward to getting together again next week.

but kind of fizzled eventually for no particular reason other than the chemistry just wasn’t there.

In fact, I had another date Friday night that had been previously scheduled and that poor girl didn't stand a chance because I was a little smitten with my date the previous night. I don't want her to think I'm playing the "wait three days to call" game or anything like that, because my instinct is that she's not into that kind of thing.We arranged to meet the next night at a local winery ...the date was fabulous, we had a few, but not too many drinks and the conversation was great ...I know the parents, not well, but well enough to trust their judgment along with the teachers, so I was willing to accept the "setup".Anyway, I gave the teacher my number and email and she was going to arrange an outing with the six of us (her and her husband, the other parents, the friend and me). she introduced herself and just said, "look we're both adults, why go through all this arranging and setting up and I just thought we could talk and see where it goes." (Not exact words, of course but you get the point, which is that she was very outgoing, and I really liked that). I happened to be out with some friends that night so I had to let her go, otherwise I suspect we would have talked longer.

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