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~~~~~ Category Info : Invalid Argument: (:) [Set-ADUser], Parameter Bind ing Exception Fully Qualified Error Id : Cannot Convert Argument No Message, Microsoft. This is my first time writing a Powershell script, so I have no clue what is right :| I've been looking online for answers on how to do this, and I have been putting together bits and pieces of scripts that others have written but with no success. ADUser"."At C:\scripts\update Users2.ps1:9 char:24 Set-ADUser -Identity $User -Replace @{employee ID ="$($user."Number")"; given N ... The below is what I have so far: #Calling the Import Active Directory module Import-Module Active Directory #Setting the parameters/variables$Import User = Import-CSV "C:\Output CSV\exportsample.csv" $User = get-aduser -Filter "enabled -eq 'true' " -Search Base "ou=ilx_users,dc=umbrellacorp,dc=com" Foreach ($user in $Import User) Is there something that I am doing wrong, or anything that is missing in the script? Free File Sync is Open Source software, available for Windows, mac OS, and Linux.Free File Sync version 10.8 adds support for Google Drive as a new option to synchronize cloud storage besides SFTP and FTP.Free File Sync directly accesses the files online, without the need to install additional synchronization software such as Google Backup & Sync.This saves the hard drive space that is usually needed for a full local copy of all Google Drive files, and enables further performance improvements with Free File Sync's ability to copy multiple files in parallel.

During synchronization Free File Sync will then spawn several tasks accordingly instead of processing only one file after another.Google generously has granted high quotas for Free File Sync's users, so even the most-demanding sync scenarios are covered.Free File Sync with Google Drive support can be downloaded from the official website: https://Free File Sync version 10 has added support for copying multiple files in parallel.Batch jobs can be started with a simple mouse double-click or triggered automatically by a task scheduler.Free File Sync detects moved files and reproduces the move on the target drive.

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