Example of sex chat msg for guy

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Sexting is one of the most erotic things you can do with your phone.

After all, who doesn’t want their lover to talk dirty to them every now and then?

), read Felicity Keith's best-selling guide to talking dirty.

It's probably the best thing ever written about dirty talk.

It’s one thing to have a daydream about your guy, it’s a completely different thing to have a wet dream about him.

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He probably won’t know how to respond, so you’re going to have to do all the work.If you’re in bed, he’s thinking of the times he’s in bed with you, which means you’re naked in his mind. Text “I’m lying here, naked, my hand sliding over my breasts…wishing you were here…should I slide my hand lower? If you send him a text saying you’re aroused when he least expects it, his ego will boost sky high and he’ll get aroused as well just knowing you want him. If you want to get things going and have a little more fun with your sexy texts, then you need to start with this one.When you text this one to him, he’s going to respond with “where” or “why”, because once again men have no idea how to respond when you blow their mind.Let him guess, and make sure he knows you’re touching that special place. ” you text back, “Nooo, lower…try again” until he playfully figures it out.Then, you text him how much you are enjoying touching yourself while you’re thinking of him and how much you wish he was the one touching you right now. It’s kind of the skeleton key of sexting…he’s bound to play along and get turned on as well.

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