Entj woman dating

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ENTJ individuals are lovers of knowledge and will always be happiest in a relationship that offers challenges, new experiences, and the opportunity to learn.The ENTJ persona bears the nickname “the executive.” “Executives” often thrive in work environments and are likely to climb the corporate ladder very easily.

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To outsiders, ENTJ can seem cold, blunt, and bossy – and in truth, they can be but this usually stems from their certainty about a solution and the steps necessary to make it come to fruition.

Watch some of the ENTJs on Youtube to get a feel for us. The way she talks and just seeing the numerous friends that she has gives away that she is an extrovert.

Hell, she told that she likes being busy with her friends activities. I can't confirm if she sees my abstracts subjects and everything else as just rambling but sometimes I shut up and stay silent.

But after that, seems like she doesn't that many interest or seems like it. In this case, I truly dunno if it's worth it to keep this going and see what happens Women want emotion dude, not nebulous concepts.

She wants to kiss and have her emotions spiked, and do the things that make her feel good. It's just that I have never dated a woman this fierce and... Plus, she is stunningly gorgeous (me being really superficial here) so I just don't want to drop this before giving it a shot.

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