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From around 1200 to 1438 the Incas were a small tribe that gradually grew.

Starting around the year 1438 the Incas started expanding when Inca Pachacutec came to the throne, at this point the Inca civilization became an empire.

Others continued south and between 13,000 BC and 10,000 BC they reached the Pacific coast of South America and the Andes Mountains where they settled and found a new way of life.

They learned how to cultivate plants such as corn and potatoes.

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Their arrival accelerated its decline and eventually its fall.Their successful expansion and conquest of new territory would not have been possible without the construction of roads and bridges.It is important to note that the Incas developed a highly advanced engineering and architectural technology even without the benefit of the wheel.The conquest of Peru officially started in 1532 when a group led by Francisco Pizarro arrived in the city of Cajamarca to meet Atahualpa.The ancestors of the Incas were hunters who came from Asia crossing the Bering Strait.

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