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She’d asked, without any attempt at subtlety, whether it was true I had British citizenship?

You see, her son had always wanted to venture out into the “West” and it looked like I could be both his wife and human visa.

Don’t sit around waiting for a boy to make you a priority, communicate his intentions, or even call you on the phone.

And this God created and rules his world, including men, women, the biological compulsions that bind them together, and the institution that declares their union and keeps it sacred and safe.

His story was the tale of many Albanian immigrants from Kosovo — his family having sought asylum in the UK during the spring of 1999.

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According to my mother, I was a hot prospect for a breadth of Albanian bachelors, so I needed to be proactive in finding a suitable Albanian partner.

Thankfully, while I was still at university I could still use the excuse that my studies were taking priority over my love life (they usually weren’t) and this was a good enough answer for my mother to use when being grilled by my aunts back in Germany. ” As these needling questions became more frequent, my patience began to wear thin.

As the situation gradually diffused and my mum’s denial began to fade, I began to wonder whether this was a common issue that Albanians in the diaspora face — particularly second-generation immigrants.

Recently, I ended up having drinks with an old childhood friend I hadn’t seen in almost 15 years.

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