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Among some Jews, it is customary for the wedding couple to fast on their wedding day, which is a day of forgiveness, similar to Yom Kippur.As a couple prepares for a new life together, this practice may enhance the spirituality of the day.

But this shift isn’t chronological like we might expect, instead it ebbs and flows in different times and different places.At the conclusion of the ceremony-in what is probably the best known of all the rituals associated with Jewish weddings-it is customary for the groom to break a glass (sometimes a light bulb, which makes more noise! More recently, both members of the couple, including same-sex couples, have chosen to break a glass.At the breaking of the glass(es), guests may shout " (privacy or seclusion), can be a respite from the strain of being the center of attention for a whole day.The first part of the wedding ceremony also generally includes a blessing over wine, the (the seven blessings), one of the most important elements of a Jewish wedding.The traditional blessings build in complexity, becoming more expansive in content and theme.

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