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When 22 chisels arrived I introduced them to the workbenches in the school.

I wanted dead-on 1/4” and 3/8” chisels for the two projects we just made in pine and oak and of course the next project, which is the oak Craftsman-style rocking chair in which we would be chopping 44 mortise holes and that using the 3/8″ chisels.

To read more about chisels and where to buy them, visit our up to date buying guide on Common Woodworking here.

There was a time when imported tools were both cheap to buy and cheap in quality, which of course isn’t cheap but false economy.

Those days are long gone and on every continent there are productive enterprises capably producing fine products.

The blue was a different colour – moving toward green and not blue.

I have used those chisels on and off for about six years.

They recently downgraded to a three-chisel set instead of four and dropped the oilstone so once again we see the ‘con’ glomerates deciding once more what’s best for us.

Yes they are made in China, but in this case that’s not hidden behind an old Sheffield user name. I am sorry, I don’t think that they are available in the USA.

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