Dating sites to meet alot of singapore woman

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(Crystal declined to have her last name published.) She’s a single mom living in Pittsburgh, and she’s tried it all: eharmony, Match, Ok Cupid, Plenty of Fish.

” That is a question Crystal, 57, has been asking for the 15 years she’s been single.

” As an older woman, my mom was confronted with a simple fact: she was now living in a society where the most popular way to date catered to younger generations and fully embraced hook-up culture.

This is also a truth Carolina Gonzalez, a writer in London, came face-to-face with after her 28-year marriage ended.

At 57, she downloaded Bumble – Tinder seemed too aggressive, she told me.

She’s also tried Happn and Ok Cupid, but quickly trashed them because she didn’t find a big enough pool of users in her age range, or found the app to be too trendy.

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