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These eerie coffins are among the most unusual ancient sites in Peru.

The most famous site in the region is Kuelap, a seemingly impregnable citadel balanced on top of a limestone mountain, dating back sometime between 500AD and 1493 (the exact date is unknown).

One not to miss is the Complejo Archeológico El Brujo, nestled among the sugar cane plantations that hug the coast.

The most important grave site discovered was that of El Señor de Sipán (the Lord of Sipan), buried with many precious decorative objects inlaid with precious stones and shells, including his main emblem, a decorative staff.

The tomb itself is recreated inside the museum, and is sure to give you an Indiana Jones-like thrill.

Huaca de la Luna is thought to have served a ceremonial purpose, and is distinguished by its well-preserved friezes (some still with their original colour intact) and stylised depictions of a face thought to be the god Ai-Apaec, master of life and death.

Worship of Ai-Apaec has frequently been linked with human sacrifice, and archeologists have found the dismembered remains of over 70 sacrificial victims here.

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