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Just two weeks later, Sisi and Putin met on the sidelines of the BRICS summit in China, soon followed by the completion of a two-year-old deal which will see Moscow build a nuclear plant on Egypt's coastline and teach Egyptians how to run it.While acknowledging Egypt’s important role in the region, Russia, which is seen by many in the Middle East as a rising and important actor, is also concerned with regional dynamics and the new US administration’s approach, especially to Cairo.But in 2011, when Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned under the pressure of mass protests, Egyptian elites believed the US had betrayed them.Washington had done nothing to save its prized ally.In Moscow, the two parties discussed a wide range of issues on the regional and international agendas, with emphasis on the need to work together to promptly resolve the crises in the Middle East and North Africa, including those in Syria, Libya, and Yemen.Considerable attention was paid to the issues related to the joint fight against terrorism and extremism.

Under its original deal with Russia, France trained 400 Russian sailors and engineers to operate the ships; it was not immediately clear whether France would now do the same for Egypt, or would have to translate signs and manuals into Arabic and absorb other costs.PARIS — Two French warships originally built for Russia, but not delivered because of the crisis in Ukraine, will be sold to Egypt instead, the French government announced Wednesday.President François Hollande told reporters in Brussels, where he was attending a European Union summit meeting, that French negotiators had “unwound the contract we had with Russia on good terms, respectful of Russia and not suffering any penalty for France,” and that he and his Egyptian counterpart, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, had “agreed on the price and conditions” of a sale to Egypt on Tuesday. The two warships — Mistral-class amphibious assault ships that can carry troops and helicopters — were completed late last year and are docked at St.-Nazaire on France’s Atlantic coast.But many analysts quoted in the French news media disagreed and offered a range of estimates of potential losses, some of them reaching the hundreds of millions of dollars. Le Foll said France and Egypt had been in discussions over the ships since Mr.Hollande went to Egypt in August for the inauguration of a Suez Canal expansion.

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