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Click here to read comments and assumptions about this guide. Contributions of Dan Cluley, Mike Reitsma, Curtis Riddick, Brian Waddell, and the Michigan Photographic Historical Society gratefully acknowledged. Establishing dates of manufacture for Argus cameras is an inexact art.

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The range 100000 - 140980 is per published information. Empirical data suggests range of nnnnn is approximately 1000 (1939) to 3100 (1940). Ranges by model overlap; Camros tend to be earliest, Mincas in the middle and Delcos later.nnnnn AF" where nnnnnn is between 5000 (1937) and 70138 (1938).The range 5000 - 70138 is per published information. Camera Index 1950 - 1951 Serial number: None -- date stamped inside in the bay where the film goes, in format YYMM, where YY is year (50 or 51) and MM is month. Camera Index 1940 - 1942 Serial number: stamped on the inside of the back in the format "0nnnnn" where nnnnnn is between 100000 (October 1940) and 140980 (1942).1945 - 1966 Serial number: 1945 - 1957: Stamped inside under the film plane in the format "nnnnn..." where nnnnn is between 0nnnn and 1740000. Survey data so far support that but actual endpoints are unknown.The first cameras made when civilian production resumed in 1945 started with 0nnnn and proceeded upward from there to 1740000 in 1957.

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