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She said that some officers recognized her and tried to dissuade others from carrying out the assault: "They (some officers) don't want to punish me or to beat me (because they know) I will talk to all the world."Feminist activist Hassan said that since the revolution, Egyptian women were "experiencing a new public space." "Before that, based on the cultural values we have been raised on, women had to be protected and didn't used to be in the public."She added that in the tumult since January, certain voices were still trying to drive women out of public life, "because we have been raised like this." But she said many women had decided not to retreat into the domestic sphere as was expected of them."Some people thought the culture-based discrimination we had been raised on could be changed in 18 days," she said. But the attitude of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) in its treatment of women remained unchanged from the Mubarak era.It is very simple to join one of these sites and the best part is that it is free.Yes, that is right, you do not have to pay to join one of these sites.The best way is for you to visit them if at all possible.That way you will not have to worry about being conned out of your money.

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