Dating people of different religions

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Both spouses might try the test independently, and see if they share a faith group that returns a high rating for both of them. They might go to one church each Sunday morning and the other on Sunday evening.

Or they might go to a Sunday service at alternate churches on successive weeks.

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This is considered the least desirable approach by many couples, because it reduces the amount of time that they spend together and diminishes the level of companionship in their marriage.

The partner who has given up their religious faith for their spouse's may: One participant in a Greek Orthodox focus group on inter-faith marriage commented: "If I were to leave the Church, I would feel like I was leaving something important about who I am and what makes me tick." A Methodist and a Roman Catholic might decide to join an Episcopal/Anglican church.

The Methodist might be relatively comfortable with the choice, since they would still be in a Protestant denomination; the Catholic would still enjoy the majestic church rituals which would be similar to those that they were accustomed to.

They have the opportunity to " The two spouses merge their religious traditions and become an ecumenical family.

They examine each other's religious traditions and, in essence, combine the two faith groups within their family.

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