Dating obmedzeniami z

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Subsequently, an information will be sent to the buyer’s email address, which contains a notification of whether the buyer’s order has been accepted („Acceptance of the Order“).

In acceptance of the order, the seller will also provide information about the purchase conditions, method and estimated delivery time. Purchase agreement is concluded upon the delivery of the Acceptance of the Order in electronic or written form. The seller is entitled to a proper and timely payment of the purchase price done by the buyer for the delivered goods. If the seller is unable to deliver the goods to the buyer within the period stipulated in the purchase agreement specified in these GTC or at the agreed purchase price, the seller is obliged to offer the buyer a substitute product or the possibility to withdraw from the purchase agreement (cancellation of the order), that can also be sent by email.

6.3 The seller is entitled to deny the delivery of goods to the buyer if the buyer does not pay the full purchase price to the seller until the delivery of the goods and the parties have not agreed to pay the purchase price for the goods in installments. Assembly, delivery, and related costs are not included in the purchase price, and the seller is not required to provide these services to the buyer. The ownership of the goods is acquired by the buyer only upon full payment of the purchase price for the goods.

If the seller fails to comply with this obligation, the buyer may ask him to supply the goods within an reasonable additional period (deadline).

The buyer may refuse to accept the delivered goods with a defect or confirm the delivery of the defective goods and subsequently according to Art.

8 of these GTC file a complaint (claim) against the seller or the person designated by him 5.9.

8.9 If the subject of a complaint is a product that objectively can’t be delivered to the seller or is firmly embedded, the buyer is obliged to provide all necessary assistance to the seller or a third party designated by the seller to perform an inspection of the claimed goods.

In such a case, the complaint procedure shall begin on the day the goods were examined according to the first sentence.

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