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And just last week came the news that Match is going public.

Even in London, where he was based, Cohen said people were initially skeptical of the service when he first started at the company, though its popularity soon grew.“They literally said, that’s like prostitution,” he says.Twenty years ago, in the San Francisco neighborhood then called Multimedia Gulch, a state-of-the-art server from Sun Microsystems began to run a program that would one day lead to more than a million newborn babies.The machine belonged to a startup called Electric Classifieds, which had plans for a series of sites on the rapidly growing web that would mirror the sections of a newspaper’s classified listings.When the site first took to the web in April 1995, letting users post profiles and search for potential mates, online dating was still a niche pursuit.Dial-in dating bulletin board systems existed at least as far back as the 1980s, and couples met through early online services like Compu Serve—conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh even met his third wife through that network—but for many early Match users, the site was their first foray into online flirtation.“To be honest, in the early days there was a sense of magic about it, for me at least, and I suspect for other people too, because it was so new and untested,” recalls Andrew Gerngross, who joined the site a few months after its launch.

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