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In December 2014, the app won a hackathon, (organized as part of the same program that funded several government open data portals), and was the inspiration behind other tools built for the health ministry and other public institutions.Gaona and her team used the US,000 prize money from the competition to form a new company, Codium, which recently moved to a smart new office in the heart of the capital, Asunción.What started as a loose collaboration of eight developers and one administrator, is now a women-owned company with 17 staff and a revenue of over 0,000.A major advantage of the DNCP’s latest procurement tools is that the information is available in real time, allowing citizens to scrutinize public spending and report wasteful purchases before the deals are set in stone.

They are like ingredients that can be used to do other things.28."North Carolina Football Club, in coordination with the Town of Cary, is excited to host the U. "The last time the National Team was in Cary was seven years ago as they prepared for the Gold Cup and we look forward to having them back in the area after such a long time.We expect this match to sell out quickly and we encourage our fans to secure their tickets early."The US has only played in Cary once, a 1-1 tie with Jamaica on April, 11, 2006.Claiming the sum was a data entry error, the police commissioner said an extra zero had been added by mistake to the minutes of the award in the electronic procurement system.But the contracting documents told another story — that supposed “extra zero” was already visible at the tender phase and in the proposal submitted by the winning bidder.

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