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Some models will never be found in the catalogs, that's just the way it is.

On typical Ibanez serial numbers the first 2 digits will indicate year, or the first digit will indicate the last digit of the year, but there are also some that indicate no year at all.

This “aging” process means that every La Patrie acoustic guitar will actually sound better and better the more it’s played over time.

The necks on La Patrie guitars are carved from Honduras mahogany and feature an innovative double-function truss rod system not generally found in traditional classical guitars.

Graded and tested for their excellence and structural integrity, this method of pressure testing each solid top ensures the highest levels of stiffness and rigidity along with maximum harmonic vibration.

This benefits the overall tone, projection and resonance of these finely crafted instruments.

They’re meticulous in every aspect of building these guitars, which leads them towards the creation of an exceptional instrument that they themselves can be proud to name after the very place they are from. All La Patrie guitars are crafted from top quality tone woods to produce instruments of exceptional resonance and structural integrity.

All La Patrie guitars feature select pressure tested solid cedar tops.

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Toutes les caractéristiques sont sujettes à changements sans préavis.Seagull guitars feature a headstock which places the tuning machines roughly in line with the nut to improve tuning stability.Most models are available with either the Godin Quantum I electronics (featuring an under saddle transducer) or the Godin Quantum II electronics (with both a transducer and small microphone which can be blended together).As a general rule better sound comes with more delicate construction.An Ibanez serial number can tell you two things, year of manufacture and factory [or country] of manufacture.

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