Dating first date kiss

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This is not the first time this has happened, but the guy I went on a date with kissed me at the end of the date. I'm struggling to understand is this an expectation mainly with online dating?Because I feel like this rush to kiss doesn't happen as much with people you meet first organically.As for the thrill of the chase, isn’t five hours enough?How many hours did our ancestors spend hunting game on the savanna? Men are built for short, intense bursts of activity, not prolonged courtship where all energy is drained and the power shifts to the object being chased.I usually don't make the first move when it comes to kissing or sex.

Otherwise it will take much longer to get there and you will enter the very dangerous territory of committing to a girl who is probably getting what she wants (attention, validation) at your expense.

I've been in relationships where the emotional connection was solidly in place before anything physical happened.

Invariably, some kind of sexual/physical spark lacked on my part, and I had to break up.

I've got no problem making first moves on someone, and I hate the feeling of a strange man being forceful or pushy. Letting me go for it whenever I physically trust you (be it hugging, kissing or sex) is what I prefer.

If I meet someone online, I don't kiss on a first date because I don't even consider it a date.

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