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Make sure to pay attention to the license on each image.

Think about what you’re passionate about and what content would help your target audience. The best ebooks share a personal story or experiences. A personal story is engaging, builds authority, and creates empathy with the reader.Joanna Penn, of The Creative Penn, had a similar experience.When she switched the title of her book from “How To Enjoy Your Job” to “Career Change” sales suddenly took off.There are two ways to get unstuck that work for me. An ebook is usually at around 35 pages or 11,000 words. Make it easy to digest the information you’re putting forward by keeping your formatting consistent and using a sans-serif font like Ariel or Verdana at size 11 or 12.Less is more here, so don’t go overboard on your formatting. Try to maintain two or three types of headers and use lots of short paragraphs and lists.

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