Dating and bipolar disorder

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So, I got bored with the concert as I had more heroin and crack in my car.Now, remember doing my last pack of dope, starting the car, and putting it in drive.When you are together with the person you are dating, find other things to talk about, like art or music or movies or really anything other than the disease. There may be times in which you find them behaving unreasonably or even in a bizarre fashion.Don’t talk about their medication regimen or other aspects of their treatment, unless they want to. All I can do is relate my experience and personal knowledge. However, I am a Certified Peer Specialist in mental health, and I have been trained in how to relate to other people with mental illness.I figured if I lived through this horrific accident it must be some sort of sign that I should call her. I got the feeling that she wasn’t and proceeded to show her what that meant. So, if you and your significant other are in shock by your new diagnosis, just hang in there. Bipolar disorder and dating today do happen and can stand the test of time.So, I did, and she said yes, and we made plans for later that night. I said, “I probably shouldn’t go I’m in recovery.” Keep in mind that just a few days I totaled a car from a near lethal overdose.

Even though, I don’t remember anything until 3 days later when I work up in the hospital with full restraints and a spit shield.Yes, and they are the same ones for dating a person without any diagnosis of mental illness.Here’s my list of rules for dating a person with bipolar disorder: Again, I don’t think this list is exclusive to dating a person who has bipolar disorder. A person with bipolar disorder wants what any other person does from a romantic relationship.Here are my suggestions for dealing with a person who is acting out of the ordinary: I think it’s important to point out, however sad it may be, that the disease can affect a person negatively, and your feelings may get hurt. Only you can decide whether to continue dating an individual with the disorder.

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