Dating an uneducated man who has condoleezza rice dating

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He sounds lovely from the first paragraph and if I were you, I might be inclined to stifle my doubts about the second.For you, does level of education and interest in the same music and books trump being gentle, kind and fab in bed?be careful Reading your Op again Sparklet, I think that the fact you have to pussyfoot around him - being careful not to be too assertive etc means that you are adjusting your personality to keep him happy which will be very difficult to maintain in the long run and could well end up with you resenting him.Or you will revert to your real personality and he will wonder what the hell has happened! Glad there are some of you who don't condemn me - as far as I can see, I'm just being a realist.I love the chippy chippy comment though - and that's an issue for me, the fact that he gets quite defensive and bottles things up.

Chip on his shoulder about you being assertive would worry me, as would not being good with money.I'm highly educated middle-class, he's skilled working-class (a carpenter) and simply not as knowledgeable/cultured as I am through no fault of his own.We do have lovely talks about quite deep things but I have to be careful not to use long words and can't really share my love of music and literature with him. He has a bit of a chip on his shoulder and I have to be careful not to come across as too assertive or he gets upset.So I would say that although it shouldn't matter to either of you, it clearly does matter to both of you which could mean later unless you sort it out. Ps, the problems your relationship faces are greatly oversimplified by saying that you went to university and he did not.He feels he didn't have the opportunities he would have liked.

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