Dating advice maintaining interest

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Both of you are super excited to be around one another what definitely gives you the feeling you simply cannot put into words.

Everything else in your lives might be going wrong, yet when you are together, all the problems appear to melt away.

A second-hand book by their favourite author, picked up in a charity shop, shows that you know something about them, and can be far more romantic than an expensive but anonymous piece of jewellery. Maintain an air of mystery I have a rule in relationships – bathrooms are private spaces. Pay your partner a compliment When you see someone every day, you can start taking them for granted, so don’t forget to make a point of telling your partner when they look nice, when they’ve done something you’re proud of or when you’ve really enjoyed spending time with them.

I’m sorry, I know that a lot of people are happy to be more relaxed about this and consider it to be a sign of how well they know each other, but for me, it’s a massive romance killer. No boyfriend needs to see me shave my legs or pluck my eyebrows. As humans, we thrive on praise and positive feedback, and instinctively want to do whatever it takes to get more of it, so if you want more of a good thing, make sure that you acknowledge it. Send a link to this post to your partner That way they’ll know exactly what they need to do, and you’ll end up with double the love!

And indeed, the depth and intuition can explain why all girls are believed to be too complicated.

When they connect with a partner in relationship, they always connect on a soul level.

And, needless to say, in any relationship, no matter how strong and passionate it is, there comes a wall.

So, here you are, cruising along the romantic relations highway with your wonderful girlie you have snagged, when boom – you suddenly grind back to second gear.

Your girlfriend anymore looks as engaged with all the conversations, does not find your jokes as funny as before, is not as complaisant or available, and for sure is slower to return your love.

The passion remains there, but it is flickering a bit.

But why do women lose interest in their husbands and boyfriends?

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