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Shyness is part of a set of personality traits that often go together.For example, shy children tend to be better self-controlled, better listeners, more conscientious, more focused, and more creative than children who are more outgoing socially.They freeze up, panic, or suffer from uncomfortable physical symptoms.If your teen’s anxiety about social situations causes them to miss classes, avoid using school restrooms, or suffer physically, talk with a counselor or psychologist who specializes in working with adolescents.I just never wanted to say or do something embarrassing, so I held back except when I was with my family and close friends.I’m not like that anymore, but there are millions of people who are.Conversation starters that seem obvious to you, might not seem obvious to your teen.

Some people experience so much anxiety in social situations.

Her parents had moved to a new school district where she knew no one.

Planning for Britt to start high school, her mother drove her and a friend on their the first school day as freshmen, encouraged them to spend their lunch break together, and suggested they find at least one other person to join them at their lunch table.

I’ve always been somewhat of a shy person, but it was real bad when I was a kid.

I hated talking in front of groups, getting attention (even if it was for something good), and introducing myself to new people.

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