Dating a rich girl dating flash games for boys

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And in the early goings of something new, it can be downright cringeworthy to lay your financial portfolio (or failings) out for her to see. That doesn’t mean you should expect her to foot every bill. So if you can swing the bill without her, offer to do so.

However, it’s something you have to get out of the way. If it’s too expensive, pay what you can afford — and do it with a smile.

My girlfriend (now wife) wasn't rich herself, but had very rich parents (both lawyers - one in family law, the other in corporate counsel, but they were pretty normal during her upbringing; the law careers and massive salaries came when she was a teenager).

The toughest thing was that her parents would offer to pay for nearly anything, but later try to use that as leverage to control her when they didn't like what she was doing (she was college aged, so it happens a bit - parents and teenagers aren't perfect).

The people wearing fur coats loudly exclaiming "do you know who I am?!

The wealthiest people drive older but well maintained cars, wear nice but modest clothes etc.Every once awhile she’d pick up the entirety of a bill that we were supposed to split but she always found a way to make sure I didn’t feel down about it. Her dad was a prominent lawyer, her mom a successful artist, and her uncle was a 1980's pop star. Yes they had a big ass old house and drove quality (not overly flashy) cars.I don’t think she ever once bought me an expensive gift. Yes they had whatever they wanted but not at all in a "look at me" type way. I mean in the early 90's grunge was a blessing for me because I looked like that already.Jennifer Eblin has been a full-time freelance writer since 2006.Her work has appeared on several websites, including Tool Box Tales and Zonder.

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