Dating a reclusive person

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If you want someone who can really get to know your children, you might be better off with another partner.

You need to find out how close he's willing to get, and whether you'll ever feel like a four-person family.

Do you come crawling back to me like you never left?

Are we all of a sudden friends again because you have time for me now?

It might be that we are still working on ourselves to be ready to date again. I understand the benefits of it, I even have a mental list of all of it to remind myself sometimes.

It might be that we know exactly what we want or who we want but the stars just haven’t yet aligned to get us there. I also understand why it is better to be single than being in a bad relationship.

You mention the kid thing, too, and that seems to be a bigger issue. In the beginning, he divulged that he was not interested in marriage or having children of his own. Do I change my expectations and continue enjoying what we have? It truly makes me reconsider the importance of the social aspect of a couple as a whole.That’s fine for me as I am divorced and not looking to remarry. I always believed the heart and soul of a relationship was rooted in two people's strength, loyalty, and commitment to each other.But as a unit of three (myself and two kids), am I wrong or premature in wanting a more all-inclusive experience from my older, loner companion?– Alone with a Loner You're not wrong to want more. In your case, it's not about longing for a date to family occasions, it's about building a shared life. You didn't tell us whether you've confronted him much about the issue. The compromise could be trying smaller gatherings – maybe a dinner with two friends or a few family members.

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