Coping with dating rejection

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Only someone especially sensitive takes offense if someone fails to laugh at an anecdote he/she has told. I spend considerable time in the therapeutic setting trying to convince patients not to be offended when no offense is intended.It is as if these individuals have their antennae out all the time waiting to react to the first sign of rejection.I would not recommend this approach to anyone; but on occasion—more than a few occasions—it worked! Some of these professional writers had papered their rooms with rejection slips.(which are very small, so that a great number of them are required.) Every writer consoles himself/herself with stories of famous writers who have had their acknowledged masterpieces (acknowledged later on—sometimes posthumously) turned down over and over again.

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But in certain circumstances a possible rejection is usually an active concern for everyone:1. Applying to a college or to a somewhat selective vocation, such as the Navy.6. Pretty much everyone, no matter how self-confident, feels distressed when rejected in any of these settings. I remember a shy man who approached a woman in a bar and said something that happened to be true, but which seemed fake to the woman. Perhaps everyone is alive to the possibility of rejection when approaching someone of the opposite sex.

If someone has been jilted, I recommend starting to date right away—even when that is not the inclination of many people who find themselves in that situation.

An unsuccessful job interview does not feel so bad if another one is scheduled for tomorrow.3.

He seemed to be in a good mood all the time, although he got into trouble with the police every once in a while by pointing out to them various derelictions in their duty.

His relationships with women were interesting, and instructive.

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