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That’s just not who I am, and I didn’t want to make him stop or change who he is.

It wasn’t the reason we broke up, but it contributed to the breakup.

It’s the Holy Grail of cigar smoking, that moment when you’ve mastered the basic tips and tricks, learned the lingo and developed a taste for the refined intricacies of cigar smoking – this is when you’re ready for advanced cigar aging.

Cigar aging is a practice not to be confused with cigar storage.

Santana, aka “the cigar scientist”, as we refer to him, is a Cuban-born immigrant who has built his own cigar company using Cuban techniques he has mastered over years of labor.

His own D’Crossier Cigars represent some of the finest cigars in the world.

Cigars are made up organic, breathing, continuously changing material – aka tobacco leafs.

Therefore a stronger blend will be removed of any harsh qualities, whereas a mild cigar may be mellowed to nearly undetectable nuances. After all, years of patience and proper care is hard work, you’ll thank yourself someday for choosing only premium blends for aging!

Many have tackled this subject and yes, it’s one of the most important and necessary skill sets to be acquired throughout a cigar smoker’s journey.

Cigar aging is more akin to the practices of wine aging, creating an optimal environment for the continuous evolution a cigar’s tobacco will undergo.

I must warn you, before we get down to “the nitty gritty”, some of the techniques discussed in this article may go against the mainstream rationale.

There are multiple points that directly contradict the disposition of nearly every article you will find on cigar aging.

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