Christian dating advice attraction

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We need much more for a strong, healthy marriage, and it’s all too easy to be blinded to a person’s bad character or incompatibility by infatuation.

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‘You wouldn’t just be cheating yourself, Hopeful Girl – you’d be cheating him, too.’ Of course, we must be realistic.Now, develop a step-by-step plan for yourself that you will follow to develop a more positive approach to dating.You can learn how to apply manifestation techniques to our love life in more detail with the Love Tool Kit download.We can’t all marry Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie (and not just because they’re married to each other! Holding out for perfection may mean waiting forever.The sum of the package is what’s important – for me, a man who’s fairly attractive with a sunny personality and a kind heart will always trump a guy who has off-the-scale sex appeal but is selfish or rude.

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