Chelsea handler dating her boss

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It’s Me, Chelsea,” and her own late-night show on E!She’s also moved up in her personal life: Her latest boyfriend is a CEO, who is also her boss, though she’s the bossy one -- a situation used to comic effect in “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” with mixed results.'”) As you might expect, Handler did not mince words.

Or another way to put it: It’s one thing to have an original voice, it’s another thing to keep it. haven’t gotten the message, Chelsea Handler is doing all she can to make it known that she’s on the market for a new gig.Whether everyone in the market is interested in her services is another question.Cases in point: A few years back, I saw Nicole Kidman coming out of a meeting with CBS brass.I also ran into John Mayer in an Eye elevator once, right around the time there were rumors going around that he wanted to do a variety show.

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