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In 2012, in order to commemorate the 200 anniversary of Louisiana’s statehood, the archdiocese began placing online the registers dating from 1718 to 1812.

There are 43 registers from the French and Spanish colonial period as well as the American territorial period.

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Due to changes in the governments which controlled Louisiana, names appear in French, Spanish and English.

For example, the name James is Jacques in French and Santiago in Spanish; or, for example, the name Martha appears as Marthe in French and Martonne, Marthonne or Martona in Spanish.

This uncertainty must be kept in mind, particularly in regard to unfamiliar surnames.One should not confuse the differences and variations of names as a lack of consistency and conformity on the part of the recorder, but rather see it as a journey of an individual and his/her name across a lifetime.In many entries, priests, witnesses and sponsors wrote in a hand that formed different letters in exactly the same way.Ten years ago, the archdiocese had some of its records scanned into individual images.Among these images are the registers of the slaves and free people of color from St. These images have now been migrated to format in order to place them online for all researchers.

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