Canadian women and dating nigerian men

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@poster I would want to believe that you guys genuinely have something on and that your guy is comfortable with WHO he is and does not have HANG UPS.~~~Now, the stereotypical WESTERN lady is viewed in Nigeria as being too EMOTIONALLY FRAGILE AND CLINGY. I am far from needy, I am not jealous, I hate drama and I am very strong mentally and emotionally, I am not submissive and if I need something then I get it for myself and I don't need anyone's approval to do so. Nigerian men are so patient, especially when it comes to the part where they are telling a girl the many ways she should respect them.

on the courtesy issue, you said he opens the door for you and all that, tell him to be real with you cos I doubt if he is being genuine in that aspect.Caper143: I'm just trying to learn about his background and how relationships usually work in your culture.only by knowing what really happened with his ex, can you understand him order for us to reply then, we would have needed more infos about his age, his background and dating best would have been for you to ask his ex gfs but that would be stepping the line on his privacy (but if all his exes have something nightmarish/negative to say about him then run!!!!! Nigerian men love ladies who are easygoing and humble.He made sure to tell me that he does things for me because he wants to and for no other reason and if he didn't want to dance with me then he would not have offered. He has a bit of a stubborn streak, we might butt heads over that in the future, but with every arguement is an excuse to make up. the way they go out of their way to give a woman the pleasure of catering to their needs is selflessness at its very best and they themselves are the best.

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