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yea bowwow pays rappers to write is stuff but bowwow ain't the only who doesnt writes his own music but I never heard of bowwow ever writing a song a it becoming a hit song so ever song he ever put out was produced by Jermaine dupri or other famous ppl only thing I could remember bowwow writing a rap is when he was in the remix to lean wit rock with it with the… Soulja boy is way cooler then bowwow because all bowwow does is brag and hate on ppl and i think this because why when soulja boy wrote marco polo for bowwow.........bowwow turned on him and started disin him and not only that bowwow steals from underground rappers hey know this u suck soulja boy rocks!!!!!!!! I don't get why people are so racist over Jojo dating a black guy. So the truth is that they ARE dating, because they kissed on the beach and they were touching.Normally, most of us start our career after the twenties but living in the limelight since childhood without being the celeb child is hard but not for those who chase their passion.I clearly told you not to go to the blogs.f***** up and I moved on quietly.

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Bow Wow’s life changed when he performed at a concert in Los Angeles where eminent rapper noticed him who eventually gave him a stage name “Lil’ Bow Wow.” Snoop also help him to meet the music producer Jermaine Dupri and immediately signed Lil Bow Wow. He even posted a video on his IG account where he revealed that he is no longer Bow Wow.

Not even a year into dating, Bow Wow proposed to Mena, however, their engagement only lasted a few months.

Before they were able to walk down the aisle, Mena announced they were having a baby together, but she suffered a miscarriage 5 months into her pregnancy.

In a since deleted comment Diaz accused Bow Wow of cheating on her with porn stars and wrote “DON’T START A FIRE YOU CAN’T PUT OUT! And since his public blow out with Kiyomi, Bow Wow hasn’t been linked to anyone.

You see that I’m happy in my new relationship, so you’re sour and bitter spreading rumors and making up s*** trying to me me look bad..

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