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There used to be a huge stigma associated with a division of “romantic” funds, but many married couples now openly maintain separate bank accounts.

It isn’t an issue of mistrust or an expectancy of a failed relationship; it’s a matter of convenience.

“Expectations” get a bad rap in Romanceville, but if one thinks of expectations as standards of conduct, embracing the boundaries that come with it becomes easier.

A lot of people enter relationships putting the burden of healing/completing them onto someone else.

Now that you know some of the key types of boundary you may wish to set in your relationship, how do you go about it?

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Are you willing to bring children into the relationship? These are generally hard and fast boundaries everyone brings to a relationship, but are unwilling to bring up unless they absolutely have to.They should, can, and do change, which is why discussing them is so important.Here are 12 types of boundary you should consider setting in your relationship.Let your needs and preferences be known, as well as how much wiggle room for experimentation exists within them.Money is generally taken to be poison in matters of the heart, but money (for better or for worse; granted usually worse) is an inescapable part of human interactions whether you’re with someone or not.

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