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Mayday calls captured the chaos at sea.“I can't breathe,” one person on the ship reportedly said in a call, according to ABC News. Bob Hansen, the owner of , told The Daily Beast that he and his wife were out on the water for the weekend, anchored in a cove on Santa Cruz Island, when they heard pounding.“I put on some shorts and walk outside and open the door and here’s five guys in a little rubber boat and a 75-foot commercial boat on fire,” said Hansen, 73, from Madera, California. the whole thing engulfed in flames.“The flames were shooting up 25 feet. He radioed the Coast Guard and waited for them to arrive, watching the scene unfold in horror, before ferrying the crew back to land.“You can only imagine the tragedy. “There are some things you can’t unsee.”The Coast Guard struggled to put out the fire—which kept reigniting—before it burned the Conception down to the waterline.

CNN reported that a Coast Guard dispatcher was heard questioning a crew member about firefighting equipment and an “escape hatch” for passengers during a mayday call.“Can you get back onboard and unlock the boat? Then the flaming hulk sank, leaving its bow pointing out of the water.

Many of those higher solutions were far from pretty, and outdated boxy sidepods on some cars and wild mid-wing experiments elsewhere meant this was a real 'beauties and beasts' year for car design.

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