Are attractive black women intimidating

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Census data and interracial dating studies show a longstanding persistent trend of black women as an excluded heterosexual relationship partner for white men (and other men of color) (Quian and Litcher 2007; Phua and Koffman 2003; Yancey 2007).

These trends exist in a society that today prides itself on colorblindness.

Hence, this essay critically examines the integral role of race, gender, and class in the consistent exclusion of black women as relationship partners for white men.

So, much of the intimidation is due to the fear of rejection.

As children, many black women are taught to seek black husbands, which naturally makes black women less attracted to white men.

Although the reasons are not rooted in racism, racism does play a small role.

Forty-four percent of the respondents represent the Southern region, 20% the Northeast, 24% the Midwest, and 12% the Western region.

Respondents tended to be educated and middle class as 42% of respondents possess some college education, 30% a bachelor’s degree, and over 48% of respondents are middle class.

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