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) WSIM is part of Windows 10 ADK (Assesment and Deployment Kit).

To start creating answer files, download the latest WADK: You can of course install each and every component of WADK if you so prefer, but to create answer files and custom ISO images, we will only need Deployment Tools: When installed, you can find WSIM in Start In this example, we will work with panes 2 through 5. A catalog file with extension is a binary file, containing the settings for a specific Windows edition.

Just click Continue and repeat the process selecting File New Answer File, and this time browsing to and selecting the catalog file instead of WIM file: Catalog files are created in same folder where the original file is locatedd.

They are reusable, you only need to create catalog file once, to work with additional answer files you can simply select the catalog file instead of creating a new one from a WIM file.

Right-click Create Partitions, then select Insert New Create Partition: Repeat this step to create four partitions for GPT / UEFI install media or two partitions for MBR / BIOS install media. To tell Windows Setup what each partition is and how it should be setup and formatted, we must add Modify Partition to each partition added above.

Right click Modify Partitions in the Answer File pane and select Insert New Modify Partition: Repeat this step until you have one Modify Partition for each Create Partition.

In phase 3 user selects region and language settings for user accounts, creates initial admin user account, chooses One Drive, privacy and other account settings and finally boots to desktop.

In normal clean install, user interaction is required in phases 1 and 3, phase 2 being run automatically without user interaction.

In phase 1 user selects language and keyboard layout settings for setup process and system accounts, enters product key for specific edition or selects edition manually and accepts license if product key is not entered at this stage, and selects disk and partition to install Windows.

In addition to en-US in Arabic, the fallback language can also be French (fr-FR) and in Chinese, it can also be Hong Kong Chinese Taiwan (zh-TW).

OK, out next step is to tell Windows Setup the language for the install media.

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