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She was predeceased by 4 brothers and 3 sisters and her son in-law Rodney Burlingame A burial will be held at the Massachusetts National Cemetery at a later date.

Did you know, this guestbook entry will be printed and given to the family as a cherished keepsake.

She then shows some dance/gymnastics video of Shayne as a little girl where the viewers learn that Shayne is actually a brunette.

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We then get about three minutes each of home visits to Colorado. They talk about opening up, connections, whether Chelsea’s in to Matt.

This time though it’s the Shayne show and they decide to give her two home visits. I was hoping that he’d make his entrance on a motorcycle with a shotgun strapped to his back a la Renegade. So, how do we know that you want this ten million dollars so you can hang out all week watch reality tv and blog about it for the rest of your life? ”We then learn that Shayne bought a house for her mother, but never hear anything more about how that happened.

Either that or there was some sort of restraining order in effect. Instead, Zombie Dad dusted off an old scene from Falconcrest and accused his own daughter of only being on the Bachelor for exposure and stardom. Shayne’s younger sister looks exactly like Shayne so they make her wear a sparkly headband to keep the viewer from getting too confused.

Bettina’s mom, dad, and stepmom were all in the same house to disapprove of Brad Womack (does that visit look a bit different in retrospect now or what? This guy is seriously seriously some kind of idiot.”Zombie Dad asks Matt to spend some alone time with him. After all we said “Hi” and thirty seconds later you were telling me that you were worried that your beloved daughter was a phony who was just toying with my feelings to get national tv time.

) Tessa Horst also had her mom together with dad at his DC home even though they're divorced. I jump ahead in the tivo of my mind to a couple images of Noelle in the white sweater after the horseback ride. He then starts off by telling Matt that he’s been a really lousy Dad. Zombie Dad then says, “That’s why it’s really important that you don’t hurt her, I’ve already *(*#@$ her life up enough for any fifty men. The camera lingers on Zombie Lorenzo and he’s talking to the producers, “You guys are paying me scale for that scene right, even zombies have bills to pay and I'm still paying alimony to three of my wives?

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