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The cultivation of date palms in the area can be traced back to the mid-third millennium BC (commonly referred to as Umm Al Nar period in the United Arab Emirates) which many date seeds found in Umm al-Nar sites.The presence of grinding stones as well as fired clay ovens in archaeological sites indicate that grain processing was also performed.Seafood has been the mainstay of the Emirati diet for centuries.The United Arab Emirates cuisine is a reflection of a great Arabian heritage and vast exposure to civilizations over time.Other desserts include khabeesa, which is flour bread crumbs blended with sugar, cardamom, and saffron or bethitha, a semolina blended with crushed dates, cardamom, and clarified butter.

Vegetables are easy to grow such as cucumbers and tomatoes in fertile soil, and are strongly featured in the diet.

The food consists of a mixture between a bedouins diet, which consist of meat and camel milk, fishermen's diet, which consists mainly of fish common in the Persian gulf, and farmers diet, which mainly consists of dates.

A blend of the following diets as well as a mixture of spices such as cinnamon, saffron, and turmeric formed the basis of the common dishes that was consumed in the Trucial states region and the current traditional Emirati cuisine.

Alcohol is generally only served in hotel restaurants and bars (but not in Sharjah).

All nightclubs and golf clubs are permitted to sell alcohol.

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