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2019 Regular Season Stats2019 Regular Season League Leaders2019 Sortable Team Stats Spring Training Sortable Stats Postseason Sortable Stats Statcast Leaders Milestone Tracker Offseason Leagues Scoring Changes Glossary Play Hank Aaron Invitational Videos Photos News Pitch Smart Play Ball Near You States Play Parent/Coach Education RBIPitch, Hit & Run Jr. Home Run Derby MLB Pipeline Youth Academies Breakthrough Series Elite Development Invitational USA Baseball USA Softball Dream Series Trailblazer Series Buy MLB. -Colossians 2:8 If there is a single tradition in this country that is blindly followed with extreme prejudice, I would say the birthday celebration is a primary example.Don't misunderstand, I am not saying a person is going to hell because he/she had a birthday party, but be honest with yourself: Have you ever once, in your entire life, questioned where the birthday celebration traditions come from, or why we celebrate birthdays at all? -Hosea 4:6-8 The reason I get attacked and/or get excuses from people for even asking the questions about birthdays is because their hearts are set on iniquity, and as they become more prosperous, they increase in their sin and turn their hearts away from God.So on Saturday's they attend church, and then in the afternoon often go to each other's homes, or a picnic, or family time, that sort of thing.Saturday is supposed to be reserved just for church & family." She asked her who told her that and she said the pastor in chapel. So, definitely expect girls to get some messages that they're responsible for boy's behaviour and boys to get some messages that they're not responsible for their own behaviour towards girls For me personally, that final point would be an absolute deal breaker.It reeks of borderline grooming girls to be shamed into silence should anything untoward happen. The SDA church has a strong health message - so they are mainly vegetarians with a focus on healthy eating, most of them don't drink alcohol.

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If you do end up speaking to one of the schools you could ask that question - so most of the students attend the local SDA church on Saturday.

I don’t think it’s a lot different to going to a catholic school when you’re not catholic.

At a smaller school where your child would be in a minority of non-SDA families I’d be more wary that they would miss out socially.

They always write me to try convincing me their personal household traditions are justified, but again, I'm not a cult guru or priest that has to be appeased to make one's household traditions justified; I simply want to look at the facts, and the fact is that most people have gotten themselves so wrapped up in the traditions of cakes, candles, parties, and gift-giving, they've never stopped for one second to ask why the traditions exist, or if they should be doing them in the first place.

For example, one of the most well-known birthday traditions in American culture (and in many other countries around the world) is the blowing out of birthday candles to "make a wish." Sometimes this is done at something like an anniversary party, but it's mostly centered around the birthday tradition.

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