Adultry webcam chat

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Of course, in today’s digital age the definition of cheating is a bit more nebulous than it was back in the day, when cheating meant actual, in-the-flesh sexual behavior with another person.

(At last look, Ashley Madison had more than 16 million members, with the number growing daily.) Many of these websites and apps make cheating as easy as finding a good sushi bar.

Does it matter if that webcam encounter is part of an ongoing, emotional interaction as opposed to a one-off, purely sexual situation?

How about flirting with sexually available people on social media sites like Facebook or through smartphone apps like Skout and Blendr? But in reality the definition of infidelity is unaffected by technological advances.

Sadly, most men and women who cheat don’t realize how profoundly their secretive sexual and/or romantic behavior can adversely affect the emotional wellbeing of their trusting spouse or partner.

Remember, more than any sexual act, it’s the keeping of secrets and the resulting breakdown of relationship trust that causes the most pain.

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