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It was agreed, and as a result opened 2 months ahead of schedule, and all of the first talkers got their first 2 months free as part of the deal, including Planes of Existence.During its early stages, in spite of having lots of administrators, Planes of Existence was not as popular as had been anticipated, with a lot of early visitors coming along expecting for there to be hundreds of people online and being disappointed at seeing just 10 or 20.Constant dispute in relation to the original creator being banned from the talker and the right for new owners to do so led to many more disputes within the talker, culminating in an incident in 2000 which all but killed the talker.By 2002, the last dregs of the talker remained, with the owners deciding that they no longer wanted to pay the registration fees on the domain name, and by 2003 they removed their membership to and the talkers closed forever.

During their discussion, Alisa was not sure whether the company would really go ahead, as they did not yet have sufficient interest to warrant it being opened, so Cat suggested that he would help to advertise in exchange for discounted rates for the 10 talkers.

After disappointment at the rejection, received a large amount of interest in the project in the early days of its production, and soon had 10 people available who were willing to take on administrative positions, all but Xerya and Rashkae holding God level positions (and hence there is some dispute whether Xerya and Rashkae should really be considered to be co-founders).

News of the plan spread throughout talker users everywhere, including the big 3 ew-too talkers, and virtually every NUTS talker in operation.

The planes of existence talker was inspired by lintilla, as an adult-oriented multiple worlds talker and Envirochat|Envirochat, for its human rights elements.

The idea to use the name "plane" was based on the use of the word spod, as popularised by ew-too talkers such as Surfers and Resort to refer to the different people.

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