Accommodating students with cerebral palsy sandra bullock and keanu reeves dating 2016

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Getting accepted to college is a long process for all students, and those with cerebral palsy are no different.

Things that make a difference on college applications are community service, extracurricular activities, good grades, passable scores on the ACT or SAT and good recommendations.

These documents are required under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) and must be started by the time students are 16 years old.

Often, IEPs can be carried over and adjusted from high school to college to help learners maintain their focus and continue receiving support.

Many colleges now offer specialized certificate, degree and non-degree postsecondary options for students with cerebral palsy who want to continue their education after college.The following guide offers guidance on some of the programs that are changing the face of education for students with cerebral palsy, it and also includes helpful details about financial aid resources and support mechanisms.Kim Kolk Kim Kolk joined the University of Notre Dame’s Office of Housing as the Assistant Director for Summer Housing in February 2017. It depends on which type of Cerebral Palsy a child is having.Also two children with same type of Cerebral Palsy may have different requirements.

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